We’re off! Day 1

Our big adventure has begun and we are thrilled to be underway. I blogged our first two RV trips and really enjoyed the opportunity to reflect each day. I then have memory books printed of the blog posts and give them to the kids as gifts. They’re treasured keepsakes. We hope you enjoy following our journey.

While it takes quite an effort to pack up for a month long journey with 9 people, the packing went relatively smoothly. This is our third RV trip and it’s our favorite way to travel. This is our first trip in our own motorhome, however, so we’re even more excited to be in our home sweet motorhome named Ray. We named it Ray after our Uncle Ray who died just a year ago. His home in South Dakota was our favorite stop on our first two RV trips. Visiting Uncle Ray and our cousin, Mimi, is always the highlight. We miss him, but we look forward to returning to beautiful South Dakota and remembering our times together—times that he made sure were extra special. 

We’re grateful our friend, Deacon Paul, came to bless our home on wheels before we began.

We’re driving pretty steadily these first few days. We’ll be stopping tonight in Kansas City. We have lots of excited kids on board!

I’ll include a few photos of how we’ve organized some of the spaces on board here. At some point, I’ll write a post in more detail in a later post. 

Storage behind the TV
Viv labeled our bins. We keep essential things here so they’re readily available without having to dig. Who knew we’d need a bin of masks, gloves and sanitizer?
Fun license plate frame from our sweet friends. It’s pretty perfect!

Nightfall on Day 1 is as exciting as the morning. Kids are eager to get settled in to their beds.

Moments like these are what make a trip like this so unbelievably special.

Goodnight, Day 1