Good Morning/Good Afternoon, Day 5!

My morning began with the entire RV silent. Everyone was still asleep (except for Bobby, of course). Isn’t that always the case? Whenever you can sleep in, the kids are up early. The day you need to get up, the kids sleep in. Bobby and I enjoyed time alone outside while Steve was on a […]

Goodnight, Day 4!

Yes!! We’ve had a fabulous day! We hiked a bit at the Garden of the Gods before rain chased us on to our current location. About this current location…we LOVE it!! We’re near the Great Sand Dunes and our campsite is in the middle of nowhere. You can see for miles and miles. The wind […]

Good Morning, Day 4!

Thank you, morning 4. The slow campsite mornings are the best. I have to remind myself that these moments—unstructured where the kids are playing simply—are the moments for which we are traveling. Grownups tend to overcomplicate things. I know I find myself all too often feeling uneasy when we’re not doing some big activity. I […]

We’re off! Day 1

Our big adventure has begun and we are thrilled to be underway. I blogged our first two RV trips and really enjoyed the opportunity to reflect each day. I then have memory books printed of the blog posts and give them to the kids as gifts. They’re treasured keepsakes. We hope you enjoy following our […]