Good Morning, Day 19!

Oh, wow, did Hells Revenge live up to its name! I kept claiming Jesus the whole way because it was so intimidating 🤣😂🤣. But hell had nothing on us! We experienced the second best day of our trip yesterday. It was incredible! The kids learned a valuable lesson yesterday morning, especially the boys. Our last […]

Good Morning, Day 18!

Today was peaceful. We had a leisurely wake up, had breakfast, got the RV cleaned, travel ready and hit the road toward Moab. The entire drive was spectacular. Scenic Highway 12 is certainly scenic. So many times I wanted to close my eyes for a bit to rest and I couldn’t. It was too good […]

Good Morning, Day 15!

Happy 4th of July! I’m so grateful to be an American and to live in a beautiful country where we (each one of us) has the charge to, not only be good stewards of our country, but to continue to make her better. We only have this responsibility because so many sacrificed everything to make […]

Good Morning, Day 14!

It’s 9am and all are still sleeping. Zion did not disappoint! Everything you hear about this place is true. Everywhere you turn is something breathtaking—from the peaks to the canyons—from the river to the vibrant greenery cascading from the enormous, colorful rock face. Our day began with a great hike up Overlook trail. It was […]

Good Morning, Day 12!

The kids are still sound asleep because yesterday was AMAZING! It was one of the best days (if not the best) ever for our family. From start to finish, it was awesome!! It began with a beautiful drive to Kanab, Utah to our campsite for the night. Thankfully, Mama A picked a good location right […]

Good Morning, Day 11!

Yesterday was truly an adventure. It began with a complete mixup of time. We’re bouncing between two time zones and so the time our guide said he would pick us up was an hour sooner than we’d thought. He was knocking on the door as I was just about to shower. Oops! Today we ate […]

Good Morning, Day 9!

Good morning! We are currently camped near Meteor Crater National Landmark. As we began our drive yesterday, we decided that Ray needed a serious bath, so we found a truck wash. That was an experience! We pulled in to a bay and ladders were rolled up alongside the RV and the washing commenced. We have […]

Good Morning, Day 8!

We are so grateful to our cousins, Amy and Jim, for their gracious hospitality the past two days in Santa Fe. It was relaxing, fun and delightful—a much enjoyed respite. Uncle Jim was very patient in getting this awesome ball race going on their back hill. Apparently it was a Covid build and it was, […]

Good Morning, Day 7!

We made it to our cousins’ gorgeous home in Santa Fe. It was so fun to see their smiling faces as we drove in. We had more fun catching up, playing games and having a pots and pans dance party that I didn’t post last night. The first thing the kids said this morning was, […]

Goodnight, Day 5!

We drove two hours to Taos, NM where we are camping for the night. It’s a cute RV park with mostly traveling medical professionals who live here to work in the hospital before moving to a different part of the country where they are needed. I feel pretty safe with the kids running around and […]