Good Morning, Day 28!

An update on Emma: her swelling is down a bit. She’s tired from the meds, but is handling this how she handles everything—with grace. After our hospital stint yesterday, Emma and Steve stayed back at the ranch so she could rest. I took the kids in to downtown Rapid City. There are four places we […]

Good Morning, Day 27!

I’m writing this post from the ER. Yesterday morning when the girls were driving to help work on removing fencing, they passed bee hives where the bee keepers were working in the fields (they were on the road and the hives were a distance away). As the girls were driving, a bee hit Emma in […]

Good Morning, Day 26!

We are in our favorite place with Mimi whom we love dearly. Rapid City has been our favorite stop on our previous RV trips and while the area is beautiful and charming, it’s our family that draws us here. This is our first trip without seeing our Uncle Ray. He was the most remarkable, loving […]