Goodnight, Day 5!

We drove two hours to Taos, NM where we are camping for the night. It’s a cute RV park with mostly traveling medical professionals who live here to work in the hospital before moving to a different part of the country where they are needed. I feel pretty safe with the kids running around and playing since we’re surrounded by nurses and NPs.

I couldn’t wait to get parked so we could scour this RV and get rid of the sand! The washing machine has been going since we’ve parked. I’m so grateful for the washer and dryer! Everything is nice and clean.

Before parking, we found a really nice grocery store and bought prepared food for dinner. I forgot to defrost food for tonight, but it was actually so nice to have fresh salads, veggies and soup. The little kids are currently playing games and Emma and Ruth are studying (I know, right?).

Tomorrow we’re going to check out the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge before heading to Santa Fe to see my cousins!

I forgot to share a photo from last night when Stephen played video games with our neighbors. We don’t allow video games but VERY rarely at home, so this was a real treat.