Goodnight, Day 4!

Yes!! We’ve had a fabulous day! We hiked a bit at the Garden of the Gods before rain chased us on to our current location.

This nice officer found Ruth’s phone at our previous location and delivered it to us.

About this current location…we LOVE it!! We’re near the Great Sand Dunes and our campsite is in the middle of nowhere. You can see for miles and miles. The wind is strong and we love sites like this!

There’s a fun family from Texas next door so the kids hung out with them a bit. We’re showered, cozied up and are gearing up for the dunes tomorrow.

Anyone heard of the Bug Bite Thing? It really works! I was stung, used this and felt immediate relief.
This! This singular moment would have made this whole trip worth it. Listening and giggling to Pride and Prejudice.

And our day came to a close with a rainbow.