Goodnight, Day 3

After a much needed detour to a liquor store after this hectic day, we arrived at the Garden of the gods campsite in Colorado Springs. It was a relaxing evening and our first “real” meal followed by an RV square dance (YeeHaw).

The other campers are very friendly. The kids actually played with a few children camping next door—bikes, scooters, Playmobil and football—finally some normalcy.

Showering in this motorhome is so nice. Got everyone cleaned up and enjoyed our favorite family snack—Black Jewel popcorn. But we forgot our Stir Crazy popper and couldn’t even find one on amazon to have delivered to a nearby locker. Almost a disaster until Steve came through with a Whirly Popper that he used on the grill. It worked great! We are definitely popcorn snobs.

Sometimes you just want to be alone to watch a movie on your sister’s phone

Tomorrow we’re going to seek out a few kid friendly hikes before moving toward the Great Sand Dunes.