Good Morning/Goodnight, Day 2!

Father’s Day morning was relaxing and peaceful as we all settle in to motorhome mornings. Ahhhh, how we love this pace and this small space. I’m not sure why, with nine of us living in small quarters, we love it so, but we do. All of the stress we carry from our daily lives seems to find a place to store itself—far away from us—and we are grateful. These past several months have been bizarre, confusing and draining on everyone and this time away is most welcome. 

Our bookends sleeping in
Mornings wouldn’t be, well, like this without Bobby’s antics
We have a framed scratch map and Maria was excited to be able to scratch off our first visited states of this trip

We were unable to get to a Mass that wasn’t already filled (you have to reserve a place because of Covid), so our resident priest was happy to oblige. This boy has such a remarkable spirit. His love of the holy Mass and Jesus keep us inspired.

Ruth making breakfast
Keeping the motorhome clean is a must. You can imagine how quickly it gathers dust and dirt from foot traffic. We are sure to clean thoroughly after breakfast and before we hit the road.
Bobby is always busy and never bored. Of all of our kids, he’s by far the most imaginative

Well, we’re tucked in with about 1.5hrs left until we are in Colorado Springs. From here our driving days will be short. We look forward to a relaxing morning where the kids enjoy time outdoors and as we prepare for the next few days of adventure.

Goodnight, Day 2!