Good Morning/Good Afternoon, Day 5!

My morning began with the entire RV silent. Everyone was still asleep (except for Bobby, of course). Isn’t that always the case? Whenever you can sleep in, the kids are up early. The day you need to get up, the kids sleep in. Bobby and I enjoyed time alone outside while Steve was on a business call. I suggested to Bobby that we go awaken the others. He said, “Nah, let’s just spend more alone time.” Done!

We awakened the crew, had breakfast and did a quick cleanup before we took off to the Great Sand Dunes. Thankfully someone advised us to wear long pants (good call!). Poor Emma had to stay behind in the RV for an online symposium.

Thoughtful Ruth held the door closed so Emma could have quiet

The Dunes were really fun, but just walking to them in hot, thick sand was a challenge for the littlest. Even though we loaded the kids with water and brought more along, after a few hours, we were done and nearing dehydration. But it was a GREAT experience and the kids had a blast. What an incredible sight!

I encouraged the little ones to wear their swim goggles to avoid sand in the eyes. Another good call.
Ruth’s first time on a board. She was awesome!
Viv made a sun shelter
This little girl is fearless!!

We’re ready to roll to New Mexico. What a morning!