Good Morning, Day 7!

We made it to our cousins’ gorgeous home in Santa Fe. It was so fun to see their smiling faces as we drove in. We had more fun catching up, playing games and having a pots and pans dance party that I didn’t post last night. The first thing the kids said this morning was, “Can we stay here longer? We love this place. Aunt Amy and Uncle Jim are the BEST! And this place is a paradise for kids!” It really is. They’ve thought of everything.

Uncle Jim’s incredible lamb burgers!
Two of his favorite things
Maybe my favorite photo of Mimi
These two laughing at the shenanigans

After our fun night, we retired (a few to their cozy guest house and the rest to the RV). It was our best night sleep. It was so quiet and the cool breeze with all of the windows open was perfect.

Ruth had her final quiz this morning and she was so nervous for it. She studied all afternoon and night yesterday and was up early going over her notes. She pushed the “Submit Quiz” button and she and I were grabbing on to each other with nervous anticipation for the result—40/40! Phew! Her first high school class is in the books and she’s free for the rest of the summer. She ran to the RV to share her news with her big sister.

We’ve spent the entire morning enjoying the gorgeous views from the back deck, playing games and trip planning. Emma’s getting part of her workout in and Ruth is finishing Pride and Prejudice on Audible—she’s in heaven.

Great news on the cooktop! We had a new one delivered here and Steve was able to install it without an issue. Yay!