Good Morning, Day 4!

Thank you, morning 4. The slow campsite mornings are the best. I have to remind myself that these moments—unstructured where the kids are playing simply—are the moments for which we are traveling. Grownups tend to overcomplicate things. I know I find myself all too often feeling uneasy when we’re not doing some big activity. I have to be mindful to let the kids set the tone and lead. I can compare this to how we tackled Disney World the two times we visited. I actually (and surprisingly) got that right. I was worried about all of the parks and the myriad of experiences from which to choose. I decided that my kids had no clue about any of it. We focused on the Magic Kingdom and they were thrilled not even knowing there were other parks and attractions. As long as we’re present and make whatever we’ve planned engaging and fun, they’re so satisfied. So that’s my reminder for this trip (and I will have to constantly remind myself).

We’ve decided we will most likely forego Zion and Bryce this trip as it seems that they are extremely popular and populated. We’re not sure yet, but we’re contemplating heading to different locations.

Today we are going to a kid friendly hike before heading to our campsite near the Great Sand Dunes.

One of the absolute joys of travel is the people we meet along the way. This adorable family was parked nearby and we enjoyed their company so much. Safe travels, new friends!