Good Morning, Day 26!

We are in our favorite place with Mimi whom we love dearly. Rapid City has been our favorite stop on our previous RV trips and while the area is beautiful and charming, it’s our family that draws us here. This is our first trip without seeing our Uncle Ray. He was the most remarkable, loving and generous man. His absence is palpable but his spirit is definitely present. Mimi continues to carry on his legacy here at their Bison ranch and we are so grateful to have time time together in this majestic place.

The kids began talking about this stop at the beginning of our trip and I had to caution them not to rush our trip by wanting to get to South Dakota, but the truth is that we all were excited to get here.

Mimi Took us around the ranch to find the herd. Talk about humbling! Being amidst those incredible creatures—hundreds of them—is such a cool experience. Mimi let the kids have free reign the ATVs and their smiles were a wide as the landscape.

She even taught Bobby how to drive and let him drive all by himself. He took off like a shot—confident and free.

While dinner was cooking, we sat on the deck overlooking this gorgeous place. The setting sun illuminated everything so colorfully. The kids were off on the ATVs until the sun set. It was a beautiful day.

He may be tiny, but this adorable pup keeps these boys on their toes or he will nip their toes 😂

The girls were off early to go work on replacing fencing with the wonderful guys who keep this place in motion.