Good Morning, Day 25!

While Ray was being patched up, we spent the better part of the day with the awesome Hodgkinson kids hanging in Cody. We hit a bookstore, lunch, ice cream, etc.

Ruth over the moon at the unabridged edition of the Count of Monte Cristo

We had a ball and our kids immediately became fast friends this trip.

After our goodbye and both getting on the road, we drove quite a ways but had to stop because there were blankets of gorgeous purple flowers in the Big Horn National Forest. Even though it was cloudy, cool and almost 7pm, and we were in our travel clothes, Emma and I thought we’d try to get a few senior pictures in (or an attempt at them). She literally threw on her dress and boots and we went for it. No primping. No makeup (she doesn’t wear any anyway). I’d say we did well.

Unbelievably, the Hodgkinsons pulled up behind us, so of course a quick game of football was in order.

Bobby lost a flip flop in the grates. Dad saved the day (or the pair).

After our final goodbye, we drove a bit before realizing that at 9pm, we’d better think about dinner. So out came the pressure cooker and in went frozen chicken, a salad dressing from the fridge, spinach and corn. In 50 minutes when we were ready to stop for the night, a delicious, warm meal was ready. Last night was our first time it was truly cloudy/cool the entire trip. We even had a pretty thunderstorm.

We decided to pull in to a truck stop off of the highway and call it a day. It’s always humbling to pull up next to the big rigs and realize that this lifestyle—driving all day without a home base—is their lifestyle and how they make their living. Without their sacrifice and service, our economy would come to a grinding halt. We’re always appreciative of the men and women in the trucking industry.

We’re so excited for Rapid City which we’ll be entering in a few hours!