Good Morning, Day 24!

Yesterday was a great day for the kids at camp. They hung out with their friends and went fishing. There are beautiful trout ponds and a trout stream. It was hot yesterday. I staying in mostly, getting a few meetings out of the way and taking a nice, long nap.

My morning coffee delivery

The wonderful Hodgkinsons took Viv and Stephen with them to a Cowboy town and horseback riding. We got to keep their scrumptious two year old, Jude.

We then made another kid swap as we headed to a dinner party with local friends.

Ruth had them all lined up for snacks. They’re so cute!

The journey of life is certainly exciting and unpredictable. Grateful to be on this wild ride. We’re getting Ray patched up today and then are headed to Rapid City, SD—one of our favorite places on earth to visit one of our very favorite people.