Good Morning, Day 20!

That’s a wrap for Moab and what a time was had by all. It is beautiful, charming, eclectic, hot and fun. If you have a chance, be sure to put this on your destination list.

Yesterday began with a fun and gorgeous rafting trip. It was about 3hrs, start to finish. The kids absolutely loved it and didn’t want it to end. Unfortunately, all good things…you know the rest.

I keep telling telling the kids, whenever they lament the upcoming ending of something, to be so grateful for having had the opportunity to experience it at all. Living in the moment is a practiced skill. It doesn’t come naturally for most. It certainly doesn’t for me, but I’ve been deliberately working on it for quite some time. It’s tempting to think of the next anticipated good thing, but what’s sacrificed is the full appreciation of the present moment.

His Pirate snarl

Our rafting trip was made extra awesome because of our sweet and skilled river guide, Hannah.

Upon returning to town, we grabbed more Quesadilla Mobilla and decided to head back to our swimming hole from the previous day. Weeeelllll, someone decided that that particular swimming hole would become a more exposed environment, shall I say. Thankfully Emma and Viv ran ahead to scope out the scene below. It would’ve been quite a spectacle if everyone had hiked upon that scene. So we decided to follow a trail further. And further. And further.

We thought someone had told us about another waterfall, but we weren’t positive they weren’t speaking of the one we already knew. After about 45 min of hiking through this gorgeous creek, (replete with petroglyphs), we found our oasis, thank you, nudie people!

Check out these petroglyphs!

Part of this cove has a very deep spot and people jump from the top. As a mother, I hesitated in allowing this because we were so far from medical attention had the need arisen, but having watched multiple people jump over and over again and safely, Emma and Stephen both jumped—Emma from the higher cliff and Stephen from the lower. Stephen was terrified but we could see he had inner turmoil because he really wanted to do this and conquer his fear, but he was so afraid. The locals were so kind, helpful and encouraging. One of them even jumping first and asking Stephen to jump to him (he obviously moved but wanted Stephen to have an exact spot for which to aim). He did it. He was so proud. So were we.

These photos were taken from video, so they’re not that great. Emma was only nervous because she’s used to diving off of high places in a controlled environment. The safe place to jump on this side was very small.

It was a really, really fun afternoon!

We hiked back, got cleaned up in the RV, stopped at a local grocery and picked up a smattering of things for a picnic dinner. We went to Arches National Park at sunset. Arches is so incredibly unique. Upon entering, it appears as if you’re entering an ancient fortress and ancient cities.

Our picnic spot chosen by Stephen. It was a hike up to a ledge, but we made it—even with a cooler full of food.

It was an extremely full day and we’re grateful to have made so many new memories. We’re headed to Wyoming today.