Good Morning, Day 19!

Oh, wow, did Hells Revenge live up to its name! I kept claiming Jesus the whole way because it was so intimidating 🤣😂🤣. But hell had nothing on us!

We experienced the second best day of our trip yesterday. It was incredible! The kids learned a valuable lesson yesterday morning, especially the boys. Our last ATV trip (In Kanab) was guided by a very confident man who gave us cool helmets and just knew what he was doing from start to finish. When we arrived to meet our guide this morning, we were met by a soft spoken (at least at the beginning), red headed woman in a dress and pearls. I thought the kids would die. They were sure to be bored stiff on this trip, especially because she handed us bike helmets. To be completely honest, I wasn’t so sure either because she seemed so cavalier . Everything was different this time. But we were so very wrong. Rule #1–never, ever underestimate a woman. Rule #2–never underestimate a woman in pearls. Today’s guide was completely badass.

Yesterday’s ride was an incredible thrill! We drove those ATVs up pretty steep inclines—so steep, we could only see the sky when ascending sometimes and oftentimes only on 3 wheels. 😳 I just focused on breathing and keeping the pedal to the metal to get up those things successfully. On the downhill, sometimes we couldn’t see any road beneath and were held only by our seatbelts. Same thing—breathe, but this time, keep the foot on the brake—but not too much! It. Was. Awesome!! Our guide was skilled and knowledgeable and just did her thing in her pearls. 😍

Our view on a couple of climbs. It was wild!

After our adventure on Hells Revenge, we had our first food outing since Covid—we hit up a local food truck and then walked around downtown Moab. Such a charming place. We returned to the RV to relax and Hill took a much needed 2.5hr nap.

I had to wake him up so we could find this swimming hole a local told me about, but under sworn secrecy 😉 What a fun way to spend the evening. We’re definitely returning today!

The evening ended with delicious Thai food and bed. We had another early wake up this morning for some river rafting. Can’t wait!

Hill keeps asking us to drop him off at home because he misses his chapel, and he’s very serious. ❤️Have a wonderful day!