Good Morning, Day 18!

Today was peaceful. We had a leisurely wake up, had breakfast, got the RV cleaned, travel ready and hit the road toward Moab.

The entire drive was spectacular. Scenic Highway 12 is certainly scenic. So many times I wanted to close my eyes for a bit to rest and I couldn’t. It was too good to miss.

Steep grades and winding, winding roads for miles and Steve was masterful with Ray. He truly maneuvers this big RV like he’s done this many times. We had to slow a few times for cows. Lots of free range ranches along the way, so we really had to be mindful.

I believe Steve referred to this guy as “Buddy Butt.” 😂 And Buddy Butt got the scary horn for pulling such a stunt. We have a wimpy horn and a scary horn. Buddy Butt definitely got the right one.

We also found a do-it-yourself RV wash and gave it a whirl. It was fun!

We’ve only seen a bit of Moab because we had to get to our rented van before they closed. We are here for a few days and have several activities planned, so we rented a van. It’ll be nice to zip around town for once.

Rather than going to our campsite, we were short on time before our evening activity, so we changed and got ready and left the RV near the van rental place and headed to Canyonlands by Night. We had dinner and rode on a big flat bottom boat on the Colorado River for a special light show and history of the area. It was so beautiful and peaceful!

Stephen (little Steve) and I got the giggles—the kind you get when you’re in church or someplace where you’re supposed to be quiet. Yes, those, and they were very hard to stop. I finally just pulled my neck scarf/mask thing over my whole face to try to curb the laughter. It eventually worked. I had fun with my iPhone in the varying light tonight—sometimes in complete darkness. This phone’s camera is really amazing in low light.

Can you spot the Big Dipper?

We arrived late to our campsite, hooked up and got everyone to bed. I can only see a small bit of this campsite out my bedroom window. We’re looking forward to checking it out. We have an early ATV ride today to Hells Revenge. I’m not so sure about that name. I hope it’s not indicative of the size of hills we’re tackling today, but I have a feeling it is. Heaven, help me. 😊