Good Morning, Day 17!

My morning cuddles

Yesterday was quite full and we ended the day pretty wiped—a good feeling after a day played well. We are currently in the Escalante area and so we didn’t want to miss the opportunity of seeing some of the beauty nearby, so we took a ride in a converted pickup (we took up the whole vehicle) for a guided tour and some simple climbing. We rode out to see some hoodoos, caves and natural bridges. Hoodoos, in particular, are fascinating and beautiful. We’ve seen such different topography on this trip, especially in Utah.

The ride was pretty bumpy (so bumpy I took a slo-mo of my thigh jiggle that I won’t share 😂) and dusty for a good portion of our trek, so in between stops, several of us were like this:

On the way back, we lost a couple and I have no idea how they slept through those bumps

After the hike, we stopped at this perfect, adorable, little organic grocery store to get smoothies before heading back to Ray.

Back at the RV, I made dinner so that we could have it ready when we returned from Bryce National Park. I decided to make chili but instead of chili seasoning, I used this Sloppy Joe-like seasoning that we bought a few stops back. It worked great! But we had to drive to Bryce and I didn’t know what to do with dinner, so Steve suggested we put it in the pressure cooker because I could lock the lid. Great idea and we stored it in the sink for our drive.

We couldn’t believe how different Bryce was from anything we’d yet seen! At a higher elevation, it’s like a huge mountain forest with lots of tall evergreens and then scattered about are the massive rock displays. We were there in evening hours, so the light on the rock was spectacular. Other than Steve masterfully maneuvering this RV to narrowly avoid making a few deer new hood ornaments, we had a smooth drive through Bryce.

It was 6pm when we were leaving the park proper, so we pulled over in the tiny town of Bryce, put the out the slideouts and had dinner right there on the side of the road.

Viv is our designated fire starter. She’s awesome!

We’re headed to Moab today and we’re so excited. Stay tuned!!