Good Morning, Day 16!

We are usually with lots of family over the 4th of July, so it was a bit strange to not be together this year due to Covid. But I can think of no better substitute than to be out exploring our beautiful country.

We drove to Escalante through the Grand Staircase on Highway 12. It was exactly what we were described it would be—gorgeous, unique, winding and picturesque. There was such little traffic, the kids spent much of the time up front watching out the big windshield.

Some with an unusual angle 😊

Our campground is great. We have grass and a fire ring (bonus, bonus). Our neighbors are a lovely couple from Bend, Oregon. They came over for a few hours to chat outside and have a few drinks. We had a simple but festive dinner with plenty of time to get set up and prepare. We love it when we don’t have to rush. We had music going, played games and enjoyed this spectacular afternoon.

We walked just a bit up a nearby hill to watch the Escalante town fireworks. Let’s just say that we are completely spoiled by my cousin’s fireworks display every year at family camp. We didn’t even stay to finish the fireworks tonight (They were 1.5miles away). We decided to go back to the RV, build a fire and light sparklers. The kids were talking about how much more they appreciate their Uncle Lucky and his fabulous fireworks now that they realize that his blow away (pun intended 😉 even the town of Escalante’s show. Thanks, Uncle Lucky! We miss you!

Making our favorite snack—Black Jewel popcorn

In light of the events of the past few months, and being the mother of two minority children, I’ve reflected much on this our Independence Day. I’m more proud than ever to be an American. I love this incredible country. I love most the irreplaceable gift of freedom and the resiliency of her people—we the people. I love teaching my children to be proud of their heritage and to be mindful that they are creating the heritage now for their children and their children‘s children. We don’t raise our children to be victims. We raise them to be change makers. We teach them that their love, hard work, mercy, dedication and self sacrifice are what make bad things good and good things, great. This country has a powerful history—some of it shameful and dark—but much of it of true heroism; of people laying down their lives for the good of others. That’s why we’ve come so far. As humans, perfection is not for this world. But we must continue to grow and improve and never be satisfied with injustice or mediocrity. It’s a great feeling to know that our government isn’t America and it will never be—WE are America and we get to continue to make improvements and changes in order to leave her better for those who follow.

Today we take a tour of this area and then we’ll head in to Bryce. Have a beautiful day!