Good Morning, Day 15!

Happy 4th of July! I’m so grateful to be an American and to live in a beautiful country where we (each one of us) has the charge to, not only be good stewards of our country, but to continue to make her better. We only have this responsibility because so many sacrificed everything to make it possible. No, our history isn’t always pleasant—some of it downright shameful, but the great thing about being an American is that WE are making NEW history every day by the way we live—by the way we serve and love one another. Let’s not correct the ugliness of the past by being ugly ourselves. We must love.

This morning’s antics
It has been a joy to see more of our gloriously beautiful country

Well, I must say that the end of the day yesterday saved the whole day. It began slowly and we drove to Hurricane, UT because that’s were we found a campsite for the next two nights. We weren’t too thrilled with the town (super spoiled after our last campsite), but this is definitely the nicest campsite thus far. But we were grumpy and nothing seemed to be going smoothly. It was just one of those days when nothing seemed to jive and we were anxious for it to end. You can relate, right?

Actually, my day began perfectly because it began with this precious boy in my bed. But then it went downhill 😂

We had grass and tall trees at this campsite! We were happy to be away from the dirt and sand. The kids were so grateful to have pavement for their scooters and bikes.

Once we got settled, we made plans for the next few days and we’re really looking forward to them. The weather yesterday afternoon/evening was glorious. Again, no bugs! We spent the whole afternoon outside playing games, listening to music and making some of our own. We ordered pizza because—no cooking 😊.

Hill: “Look Mom! I took a picture of my feet.”
Mom: “Yes, son. Those are, indeed, your feet.”
These moments are the moments that make this entire trip memorable. Yes, the scenery is breathtaking and the experiences are fun, but these moments between siblings that don’t happen at home as much, are what make the most impact because they forge deep and lasting bonds.
A true sign of a well played day

And then our neighbors pulled in from Los Angeles. They’re fabulous! They have three teen daughters and, if you can believe it, they have twins Ruthie’s age and one of them is a lacrosse goalie! So the girls spent the rest of the daylight playing catch with their lacrosse gear. It was sweet.

Steve rode the scooter to get ice cream, so we shared with the neighbors and then Ruth and the two neighbor girls sat outside and talked for a few hours while the others watched a movie. I love meeting people. It’s the nice people with whom we engage who make life so sweet, right?

Tomorrow we drive on Highway 12 to Escalante. We’ve been told that Highway 12 is spectacular, so we’re looking forward to the drive. We’ll explore Bryce for the next day and a half.