Good Morning, Day 14!

It’s 9am and all are still sleeping. Zion did not disappoint! Everything you hear about this place is true. Everywhere you turn is something breathtaking—from the peaks to the canyons—from the river to the vibrant greenery cascading from the enormous, colorful rock face.

Our day began with a great hike up Overlook trail. It was the perfect way to start the day—with a spectacular view from up high.

We then drove a short distance so the kids could free climb. They climbed on this really cool rock face that was high but a gradual climb. Emma and Steve hiked to the very top arch and it was quite an accomplishment.

I spy my whole crew on that rock face
Our wonderful guide kept burying coins and telling Hill that there was buried treasure. He’s definitely a parent!

Finally, we took a 4 hour hike through the narrows. It was so peaceful and gorgeous. Most of the hike was done so through the river and the contrast of the chilly water with the hot sun was perfect. The kids absolutely loved it. Thankfully we had our walking sticks. They made it so much more manageable. Also, we are so glad our Kanab guides joined us today. They made it so much more enjoyable since they know this place well and had a great plan for the day. We also had extra eyes on our kids and extra hands in the river.

Good thing I remembered to bring an extra pull-up for this kids. It was 10lbs due to river water 😂

We stopped to let the kids swim a bit on our hike back out. And the rest of us took the moment to relax and be present.

We are wiped! We’ve been going pretty steadily and we’re looking forward to moving on to Hurricane, Utah for a few days. Not sure what’s in store for us there, but we’re excited to find adventure. Last night we enjoyed a nice dinner outside, walked to get ice cream in this adorable town and made a campfire beneath a big, bright, beautiful moon. And there are NO bugs! I mean we have had not a single encounter with a mosquito or any other annoying bug here. It’s heavenly!!

Hill decided he was going to leave us and climb the mountain in his socks because he couldn’t have more sweets after his ice cream. We were sad to see him go—a few feet before turning back 😉. I love this age. It’s so fun and fascinating to see kids begin to exert their strong wills and to realize that they have a voice. But they then realize that at that age, the bigger voices trump the littler voices when it comes to (most) things—especially 15 marshmallows after ice cream 😊. Have a great day!