Good Morning, Day 13!

At 3am this morning we were awakened to a horrible noise. We flew out of bed. Bobby had fallen from his bunk on to the hard tile floor. He was very dazed because he was so asleep when he fell. His nose began to bleed and his arm was bruised. Poor guy! After a good assessment, we knew he was fine and he asked to go back to sleep.

We had a very leisurely day yesterday as we were still riding high from our Tuesday adventures and needed down time.

I was able to get laundry done. I’d like to apologize to my washer and dryer. I complained that they would be useless due to their size. They’re amazing and have saved me many an hour in the laundromat.

We strolled around Kanab a bit before making the absolutely stunning drive through Zion to our campsite. We decided to head in to Zion because our guide for the ATV adventures is very much in the know about all things National Parks and adventure around here. He told us that the park service was changing Zion park visitation yesterday. They began operating their shuttles again but you need a ticket and they only sell so many in a day. They begin ticket sales at 9am sharp. We were able to score them for today. Our guide from Kanab is joining us to take us through areas that will be suitable and fun for the kids. We are so happy he’s coming!

You should’ve seen Steve maneuver this beast of a machine up and down the narrow roads of Zion and around hairpin turns. The most nerve wracking was the mile long tunnel where they stop traffic to only allow a few vehicles to pass in one direction at a time. We were sent alone and had to keep old Ray right in the middle of the tunnel because we barely met the height limit.

There are a few “windows” in the tunnel and I was able to snap a shot of the view

Anyway, we love our campsite. It’s the Zion Canyon Campground and it’s just outside the entrance. It’s just gorgeous here!

There’s actually a cute little neighborhood of sorts right here with a grocery store, restaurants, hardware store, coffee shop, etc. We haven’t ventured to any restaurants since Covid because we haven’t really had the desire, nor have we found a place with adequate distancing that could seat a family of our size. We just cook right here in Ray and so far it’s gone really smoothly. I bought and froze all the meat we would need for this trip. Brought frozen veggies and we pick up fresh fruit and veggies whenever we stop.

This campground is situated right along a river. We spent a few hours there yesterday evening before dinner. It was refreshing! There were people floating by on inner tubes. We’ll have to remember to bring some next time.

We enjoyed a nice dinner of steak, fresh sautéed green beans, salad and mashed potatoes. The reflection of the landscape behind me was captured in the window of our RV before me and I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Girls made lunches for today while I got clothes and accessories situated.

It was off to bed for me and the youngest 4 while the girls watched a movie outside. Today is going to be a long, gorgeous day. We look forward to seeing more of this magnificent place and respectfully frolicking in the landscape.