Good Morning, Day 12!

The kids are still sound asleep because yesterday was AMAZING! It was one of the best days (if not the best) ever for our family. From start to finish, it was awesome!! It began with a beautiful drive to Kanab, Utah to our campsite for the night. Thankfully, Mama A picked a good location right near yesterday evening’s epic adventure beginning (Phew!). Sometimes is hard to tell where things are situated, even with good old Google Maps.

I had a great and much needed nap before we had to get everyone fed and suited up for our 4:30pm activities. We walked to the adventure company and boarded a van for a 9 mile ride to our ATVs. I drove one with Emma, Ruth and Viv, Steve drove another with little Steve, Maria and Hill and the guides drove one with Bobby.

The scenery was breathtaking and the terrain was insanely fun! Deep sand, big hills and river beds, we were hooting and hollering the whole way. It was a thrill!

We drove to Peekaboo canyon, a gorgeous slot canyon—the colors changing by the minute with the evening sun.

A ladder made by Native Americans to escape flash floods that came through when they were cooling off in the canyon.
Her pure, unburdened joy has been the most beautiful sight to see.

The kids (boys especially) climbed all over the place. Hill was everywhere. He loves climbing we’ve discovered—to very high places—we’ve discovered 😉 It was so cute to see him go.

Once we finished that pretty hike, we got back in our ATVs and rode up this steep hill where the kids did some sand boarding and sledding. It was so cool! The sand was very fine and forgiving. Everyone but Hill tried the sand boards and they had a blast. This experience was a million times more enjoyable than the Great Sand Dunes, mostly due to the 30 degree temp difference, but this was just a magnificent spot and we had it all to ourselves. The kids are now longing to try boarding on snow.

Maria had a great first run.

We had some epic wipeouts, too.

After the boarding we put our ATVs in to high gear and had a super fast and fun ride to the finish. The kids couldn’t stop talking about it and complimenting the guides on such a fantastic adventure. But it wasn’t over! Corey took us to a final significant climb to see dinosaur tracks. We were all enthralled to see them! It was worth the climb and we were at the top during sunset when the whole place was a glow with the most magnificent light.

Bobby was walking in front of me and was so sweet to hold my hand when he though I might struggle. He even moved rocks out of my path. What a gentleman.

Today was filled with massive smiles, deep laughter, wild abandon, thrill and sheer joy and we’re so grateful!