Good Morning, Day 10!

While it was a long day of driving, it was broken up by BEAUTIFUL scenery. We weren’t so sure about the Meteor Crater, but we are so glad we stopped. It’s quite a sight to see! The crater itself could fit 20 football fields with 2 million spectators. It’s massive. The winds were insane which added to the drama of the place.

Too sunny, so their face masks came in handy. This one’s for you, Giddoo!

Our drive to Lake Powell was stunning with lots of, “Wow!”s and “Look at that!”s.

The scenery was so gorgeous that everyone ended up sitting in front during our slow, winding journey.
He’s not always smiling, but even his pouts are cute.
Ru and I were actually napping when the scenery changed and everyone shouted for us to come see.

Then we approached lake Powell and crossed the bridge near the damn. Wow! What an incredible feat of engineering! I can’t even wrap my head around how that was constructed, but it’s truly remarkable.

You can’t even see the bottom of the damn from the side here.

We then made our way to our gorgeous campsite.

Our view

During dinner, Viv decided to read to us in her British accent (it’s actually really good!).

Yes, Steve brought his saxophone. He’s currently making headway on Just You, Just Me by Lester Young
The best way to cap off a good day.

Today we are headed on an expedition with a guide named Billy. One thing that can always be guaranteed with this crew, it will be eventful. Stay tuned.