Good Morning/Afternoon, Day 6!

We enjoyed another leisurely morning at camp in Taos, NM. Ruth was up early for a school zoom call. Steve was busy making our delicious camp stove coffee and I was enjoying watching the day awaken.

We then heard the sweetest little voice from the window, so Ruth went in to greet him.

When Emma awakened, she was logged in to the second day of her medical symposium. Suffice it to say that after viewing a live knee replacement surgery this morning, she’s confident she doesn’t want to be on the surgery side of medicine.


The rest of the morning was spent enjoying these tiny quarters. We truly love them!

Sweet big sister helping Hill get his shoes on so he doesn’t get “eaten” by fire ants
Having a moment. There are lots of these and we love them.
Thanks for my shirt, Meg! I’m always in need of a HUGe Margarita
I’m pretty pleased with most of the storage and organization purchases I made for this RV. This is one of the them.

On our way to Santa Fe, we had to make a detour to the incredible Rio Grande Gorge bridge.

Pardon the squinting, but it was bright!

I’m getting lots of questions about whether everyone is really enjoying this and if the kids get sick of each other because we’re so packed in here. The answer is that we love this but we don’t stop being human because we’re in an RV. The kids do not argue more in here than they do at home. They actually get along much better (I haven’t quite figured that out yet). But each of us has our moments of irritability (except for me, of course 😉

This is our third go at a major RV trip and we finally purchased one because we’ve found that, for our family, it’s our favorite way to travel and we’re savoring every moment we have together. We know how quickly kids grow and how little time we actually have to all be and travel together. We want to live with as little regret as possible. So here we are!