Good Morning, Day 30!

Well, this is it—the end of an epic family journey that took us to so many places in this magnificent country. In the middle of a pandemic and when the heart of our country seemed to be breaking, we can report experiencing nothing but love, generosity, hospitality and graciousness from everyone we encountered. This trip […]

Good Morning, Day 29!

Yesterday as we left the Rapid City area, we took a scenic route that caught a bit of the Badlands National Park (by far my favorite National Park). Despite the 100 degree weather, we stopped briefly and let the kids explore. We then took a slight detour to hit Wall Drug. We had to see […]

Good Morning, Day 28!

An update on Emma: her swelling is down a bit. She’s tired from the meds, but is handling this how she handles everything—with grace. After our hospital stint yesterday, Emma and Steve stayed back at the ranch so she could rest. I took the kids in to downtown Rapid City. There are four places we […]

Good Morning, Day 27!

I’m writing this post from the ER. Yesterday morning when the girls were driving to help work on removing fencing, they passed bee hives where the bee keepers were working in the fields (they were on the road and the hives were a distance away). As the girls were driving, a bee hit Emma in […]

Good Morning, Day 26!

We are in our favorite place with Mimi whom we love dearly. Rapid City has been our favorite stop on our previous RV trips and while the area is beautiful and charming, it’s our family that draws us here. This is our first trip without seeing our Uncle Ray. He was the most remarkable, loving […]

Good Morning, Day 25!

While Ray was being patched up, we spent the better part of the day with the awesome Hodgkinson kids hanging in Cody. We hit a bookstore, lunch, ice cream, etc. We had a ball and our kids immediately became fast friends this trip. After our goodbye and both getting on the road, we drove quite […]

Good Morning, Day 24!

Yesterday was a great day for the kids at camp. They hung out with their friends and went fishing. There are beautiful trout ponds and a trout stream. It was hot yesterday. I staying in mostly, getting a few meetings out of the way and taking a nice, long nap. The wonderful Hodgkinsons took Viv […]

Good Morning, Day 23!

Yesterday was packed with fun with our friends in Cody. We went swimming at a nearby lake, the littles went “fishing,” we had a mini home concert, Hill said Mass, we walked around Cody and went to the rodeo! Whew, it was a busy day, but a great day! My kids are very selective of […]

Good Morning, Day 22!

We made it to northern Wyoming. It’s gorgeous up here! We had the best sleep with all of the windows open to the chilly Wyoming air. It was a long day of driving, but thanks to our steady Captain, we made great time. He maneuvers this big thing like he’s been driving it for years. […]

Good Morning, Day 21!

Yesterday was not at all what any of us envisioned and yet it turned out to be one of our most memorable days. It’s no secret that we’re a big family and, for the most part, we’re pretty harmonious, I would say. Obviously when you are a parent, you are forming young humans—hopefully to grow […]