Goodnight, Day 3

After a much needed detour to a liquor store after this hectic day, we arrived at the Garden of the gods campsite in Colorado Springs. It was a relaxing evening and our first “real” meal followed by an RV square dance (YeeHaw). The other campers are very friendly. The kids actually played with a few […]

Good Morning, Day 3!

Everything is uneventful until it isn’t. Someone didn’t close the convection oven all the way and a pan fell out and shattered our cooktop. Getting angry doesn’t change the fact that it happened, so we just have to figure out how to get it repaired or replaced. Today (before this happened) has been spent trying […]

Good Morning/Goodnight, Day 2!

Father’s Day morning was relaxing and peaceful as we all settle in to motorhome mornings. Ahhhh, how we love this pace and this small space. I’m not sure why, with nine of us living in small quarters, we love it so, but we do. All of the stress we carry from our daily lives seems […]

We’re off! Day 1

Our big adventure has begun and we are thrilled to be underway. I blogged our first two RV trips and really enjoyed the opportunity to reflect each day. I then have memory books printed of the blog posts and give them to the kids as gifts. They’re treasured keepsakes. We hope you enjoy following our […]